Black Tiger Prawn (Penaeus monodon)

Pacific Reef is proud to be the major supplier of award winning black tiger prawns to Coles Supermarkets.

We supply both cooked and green (raw) prawns.

Our harvest season means we can supply fresh prawns to market within days of harvest from Christmas through to June

We also supply frozen product to markets all year round.

Pacific Reef Fisheries Black Tiger Prawns are recognised as a delicacy with their firm flesh and fresh succulent taste.






According to research conducted by nutritionist Dr. Rosemary Stanton PhD APD, prawns are:

  • an excellent source of protein
  • low in saturated fats
  • a great way to get iron, zinc and Vitamin E
  • a good source of omega 3 fatty acids

Prawns (per 100g)

How does that compare to other meats?

Prawns & cholesterol – A serving of 100 grams of prawns grown in Australia will provide approximately 130mg cholesterol or about one-eighth of your normal cholesterol production.

When eating prawns, your body should reduce the amount of cholesterol it makes. Evidence suggests that a higher proportion of the cholesterol in prawns is HDL (good) than LDL (bad) cholesterol.

It is more important to reduce the saturated fat in your diet than to worry about foods containing ready-made cholesterol.

Prawns have virtually no saturated fat so as long as you have them grilled, barbequed, steamed or cooked with a good unsaturated fat like olive oil they should not cause any problems.

Selecting Quality Prawns

  • Prawns should always look firm-shelled with a glossy colour.
  • Pacific Reef Tiger Prawns have a majestic red colour.
  • They should feel clean – not slimy or gritty.
  • You should experience a pleasant fresh sea smell.


  • When selecting fresh prawns, the best time to eat them is when you buy them within 24 hours.
  • Remove wrapping paper before storing in the refrigerator.
  • Drain excess moisture and store in a covered container for best results.

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