Discharge Water


Environmental sustainability is a fundamental value of the Pacific Reef Fisheries business. In fact it is critical to our animals that the surrounding environment be maintained in optimum condition.

Marine aquaculture is relatively drought proof. Farming the sea has been discussed a lothowever, actually farming in the ocean has its challenges. What we do here is farm on land using seawater in ponds. This gives us so much more control over the farming environment, weather, and our water supply and water releases.

We pump from tidal creeks and rivers, effectively pumping from the ocean. Whilst the amount of rainfall has some impact on the farm, it is more about how we manage these changes and does not generally impact production in a major way.

Because our animals live in water, some of the feed we given them dissolves before it can be eaten. If we did nothing these nutrients would be released to the environment when we release the water. However, we have the opportunity to use treatment systems after the water leaves the ponds to remove these nutrients and ensure we look after the surrounding waterways.

Pacific Reef Fisheries are at the forefront of water treatment technologies to ensure the water used is released back to the environment in as good , if not better condition than when it was pumped in. To this end PRF have established treatment ponds and 23ha of mangrove wetland which naturally remediates water leaving the farm. These wetlands have also become home to amazing array of fish and birdlife.

We are also developing world’s first water treatment techniques in partnership with MBD Energy. These systems actually cultivate human food grade seaweed in the discharge waters. Not only is the water being treated to a level that is cleaner than in the surrounding environment but a high quality commercial by-product is being produced. This system has the potential to revolutionise aquaculture world-wide.