Environmental Initiatives

Sustainable farming practices are a critical part of the world’s current and future food production systems  – not because it is fashionable but because our future will depend on it. Future global food needs are often discussed and used to justify farming opportunities.


However, the capacity of our planet to produce these food needs is often ignored – it would simply be impossible to meet these projected food needs if we continued to farm as we have done in the past. At Pacific Reef we have a strong drive for innovation – and this applies as much to our environmental performance as it does to our production performance.

There are four key areas that the aquaculture industry needs to focus on in terms of environmental sustainability. These are:

Feed Supply
Discharge Water Quality
Energy Management

Pacific Reef Fisheries are at the fore-front of R&D in all four of these areas, and there have been some exciting break-throughs, particularly in the last five years.